Statutory audit & Consulting

GCL is a network of audit firms that have a presence in the statutory audit and accounting professions. Our development nationally has allowed us to establish teams of specialists with sectoral expertise.

We operate across France through our different branches.

Our experts are there to help you make the right decisions to ensure the success and future of your company.

Whatever your company’s size and business sector, our specialists can advise you and offer custom solutions that are tailored to your needs.


The GCL network offers a wide range of services

Statutory audit, audit

  • Capital contributions audit
  • Merger audit
  • Acquisition audit


  • Consultancy for transfer of ownership
  • Consultancy for HR strategy
  • Implementation of monitoring and management control
  • Consolidated accounts
  • Consolidated accounts as per IFRS
  • Consultancy for international groups

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Find out more about the GCL network

GCL is a network that was created in 1980, made up of 200 specialists: certified accountants, statutory auditors, legal experts, corporate administrators and consultants.

The network has 33 offices across France.

We are the trusted partners of more than 4000 clients.

We have more than 30 years’ experience supporting micro-enterprises and SMEs to put at the service of our clients, and we are involved in all of the stages of the life of their company: from creation through to development and transfer of ownership.

We believe it is important to listen to our clients, and develop a strong, trusting relationship with them. The ready availability of our teams means that our clients can be provided with clear, quick and effective responses.


Statutory audit, the new European regulations

The transposition into national law of the EU texts relating to legal financial control of companies should be accompanied by significant changes to French professional practices, as a result of the growing complexity of regulations and procedures, and the increasingly frequent internationalisation of companies.