Consulting / Reporting

Senior managers of large groups and intermediate-sized enterprises: ISE major accounts

Consolidated accounts

Our mission is to assist our clients in all domains related to production of information by groups, so as to allow them to :

  • Produce the report within a strict time period
  • Present harmonised and inspected information
  • Facilitate communication between subsidiaries and head office
  • Meet the expectations of the various parties (senior management or finance department, local government, auditors, etc.)

To provide these services, we are capable of producing all of the information on our own consolidation system (web access), or of using that of our clients, and supporting or supervising the work, depending on the size and the group’s desired organisation.

Consolidated accounts and operational reporting 

We create the tools that allow you to better control, understand and plan your activity :

  • Conversion of subsidiaries’ accounts to the group’s standards (French standards, IFRS, etc.)
  • Reparation of group’s consolidated accounts and report
  • Handling complex operations (restructuring, changes of scope, deferred taxes, tax reconciliation, etc.)
  • Preparation of financial reporting (internal brochure, Audit Committee’s file, financial report, information briefs, etc.)
  • Assistance for the group’s auditors
  • One-off operation
  • New activity

To find out more :

Contact Expert : ANTOINE VINIT
VNCA – Cabinet Vinit Conseil & Audit

6 rue de la Bienfaisance
 75008 Paris
Tel :+ 33 6 27 33 11 95


We adapt our services to the needs of our clients, in order to meet their specific requirements. Our teams of specialists are trained, available and highly responsive to our client base. You will be followed by a direct contact.